It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that the match is played according to the rules and traditions of the game. The captain is responsible for ensuring that the Spirit of Cricket is consistently upheld at all times by their players and team. Umpires decisions must not be questioned. Opponents must not be abused either by word or action and competitive banter restricted to what is allowed in the Spirit of Cricket. In such an event, and in the event of any kind of unsporting conduct by members of their team, it is the captain’s duty to intervene immediately and stem the behaviour.



The captain has a particular responsibility towards young players in his team. Particularly in lower grader teams, the captain must be careful not to focus entirely on the match result at the expense of neglecting the participation and development of young players.


In terms of attitude and sportsmanship, the captain is expected by the Club to provide the best possible example to their team and consistently raise the expectation for them to do the same.


No player should be berated for failure – this is usually counter-productive. Positive advice and encouragement will bring better results. Where players are not selected or dropped, bat lower in the order, or bowl fewer over’s, the reasons for these decisions should be explained as soon as is possible to the player.



a demonstrated ability to lead
highly developed knowledge and understanding of cricket and the rules and its culture
good people management skills
demonstrated ability to lead
strong organizational skills
excellent planning and organisational skills
a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary field settings
ability to monitor and evaluate own performance.




Personal performance:

need to be solid and consistent

need to be team orientated

need to be punctual and reliable

need to have an understanding of the nuances of the game

need to impart experience to players to develop game sense

need to provide feedback in a positive constructive sense.



Leadership and captaincy:

• provide strong leadership to the side so that it continually achieves positive results

be available to captain all Club games for their designated side

address their side with a game day plan and address team before, during and after games

ensure warm up activities are undertaken before the commencement of the game

lead positively and confidently on field in accordance with the Spirit of Cricket and

have the respect of players and control of the game

set a high standard of sportsmanship on the field at all times and ensure that all team members adhere to the same

• maintain control of match equipment and scorebook

ensure fees are collected at the conclusion of the match and given to the Treasurer or his representative

• ensure match scores and documentation is provided to the Association as required

clearly and regularly communicate with players regarding expectations, performances, strategies for improvement, Club events, etc.

assist with after match reports and player presentations

• ensure coaching staff and the Chairman of Selectors are provided with accurate, objective assessments of individual’s playing performances

• assist Committee and Coaching staff as required

develop a close working relationship with players, coaches and Chairman of Selectors ensure that strong interrelationships are formed

model non-discriminatory practices in all captaining activities

• facilitate a trademark of success and enjoyment and contribute to the development of a unique and admired Club culture.


Team selection:

• participate in Selection Committee

liaise on a regular basis with the Chairman of Selectors and coaching panel regarding team selection, player pathways and promotion prospects

in consultation with the Chairman of Selectors, ensure continuity of selection for all senior players between levels and facilitate the expectation that all payers play at a level consistent with their abilities that challenges improvement.

be responsible for recommendations to the Chairman of Selectors for their own side

make submissions for player awards.



attend all training sessions where possible

maintain discipline and follow up players warm up pre-training (build the expectation from the start)

captain net session for sides they are responsible for

be responsible for identifying talent and implementing programmes for the development of all players, including the development of a heightened game awareness

liaise with selectors, specialist coaches and support staff to facilitate the development and success of players.

assist Coaches to supervise individual player practice sessions as required

assist Coaches to organise and direct team and individual practice activities

provide direction to and monitor and develop of players discipline enthusiasm and standards at practice

advise of player availability for games  build expectation of training attendance and standards.



actively participate in scheduled review meetings as arranged by the Chairman of Selectors

facilitate  match reports to commence by 7:15pm and assist with after match presentations

attend Tuesday and Thursday practice sessions

attend Thursday night selection and announcement of teams

attend special and social functions

update communication of Club multimedia as required.