Taking the step from junior to senior cricket is a significant event in any player’s cricket experience, so it is vital that the experience is enjoyable and safe. These guidelines are designed to ensure our Club is safe, welcoming and positive for younger players, especially if their parents or guardians are not frequently or directly involved with the senior Club.


The Club will:

• seek the consent of parents before their child plays senior cricket

ensure the Safeguarding Children and Young People policy is in place

be proactive in relation to ensuring positive and responsible behaviours

build a strong, positive and inclusive culture for everyone involved with the Club.


General Considerations

To support the transition of a junior player in to the senior Club, particular attention will be paid to the player’s safety, personal development needs and their overall cricket experience.


The Club will:

consult with the player’s parents/guardians and/or Junior Coach to assist in the assessment of the player’s readiness to play senior cricket

consider physical ability, as well as the stage of cognitive and emotional maturity of the junior player to ensure it is appropriate for the grade in which the junior player is selected to play

involve junior players in all aspects of the game wherever possible (i.e. appropriate socialising opportunities, team talks, practice sessions, decision making)

endeavour to place junior players in a team with a family member or friend. If this is not possible, the Club will allocate a buddy to the player to help support their transition in to the team and Club

provide opportunities for players to show their talents in an appropriate way.



Team Captains will:

inform the umpires of the game that junior players are in the team

endeavour to put junior players in situations where they will experience success

always be supportive of all forms of effort even when children and young people are not successful

be aware of and understand the bowling workloads and guidelines for each junior players, as set out by Cricket Australia


Duty of Care Requirements

In allowing junior players to play senior cricket, the Club recognises the ‘duty of care’ obligations they have towards these young players. This includes the following:

not placing a young player in a position that involves an unreasonable risk to that young player, taking account of the circumstances of the match and the relative skills of the player

not creating a situation that places members of the opposing side in a position whereby they cannot play cricket as they would normally do against adult players

providing junior players with a positive experience allowing them to show their talents in an appropriate way.


The Parent Consent Form (attached) must be submitted and signed by the player’s parent/guardian prior to the junior player participating in their first senior match. 



Junior Community Cricket

The Club acknowledges that junior cricket is an important development phase for young players - physically, socially and mentally. Ensuring viable and sustainable junior competitions is also a priority for the future development of WA cricket. As such, junior players participating in senior cricket should not be to the detriment of local junior cricket teams and competitions.


When the junior player can play senior cricket in an associated senior cricket association they must nominate playing for a local junior team first if possible. If the local club does not offer junior cricket or a team in a relevant age group, then senior cricket may be the best option. 


Club Culture and the Spirit of Cricket

The ‘Spirit of Cricket’ is fostered by the values that all involved with the game bring to a team, a club and the game itself. The experience a young player has playing the game is of the up most importance and can in no way be compromised. Junior players must at all times be treated with respect, empathy and given every opportunity to play and develop in line with their stage of development.


Our Club’s culture of inclusion, development and safety is paramount to the experience of a young player. This will be supported by leaders and mentors to help foster the growth and development of young players, both on and off the field.



These guidelines have been agreed to and endorsed by the Presidents of both the Quinns Rocks Junior Cricket Club and the Quinns Rocks (Senior) Cricket Club.